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Printable Lip Balm Boxes

Instructions for printing your own golf ball boxesInstructional Video Coming Soon!

At this time we are suggesting you use an inkjet printer that has a Top Loading Tray as sheet have a harder time feed through enclosed bottom trays.

Top Loading Inket printers work best

Printing Instructions:

Download Box Templates page and save the desired template file to your computer. Save the file to a location that you'll remember. Open the program you will be using to create and print the box templates. Open the file you saved from our Download Box Templates page. Locking this layer. By locking the layer that only has the outline of the box template on it, you are ensuring that you do not move the positioning of the template. Print a couple of the templates off “To Scale” as you will want to use these to test print your graphics so as not to waste a real box on testing. Next create a New Layer and start adding your text and images on this layer. You can add as many layers as needed. Layers help keep your artwork separated so that it is easier to manipulate. After all the images and text are added you will want to hide the layer with the outline of our template, as you don't want template lines to print to your finished product. Save the completed project under a new name and print. You are now ready to assemble the product.

Uses for the 0.6875” x 0.6875” x 2.6875” Box:

  • Lip Balm Tubes

  • Mini Fragrance Box

  • Christmas Stocking Stuffers

  • Small Gift Box

  • Insert homemade craft items in them

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