Printer Settings

Help with Printer Settings

Not sure if you have the correct printer settings for getting the best quality while using DIYPritnableBoxes? Use this quick tutorial to guide you through your options.

DIY Printable Boxes uses a Photo Glossy sheet with a coating that is specifically formulated to be used with inkjet printers. Although our stock is made for inkjet machines, these products will work through most laser printers as well. Our high gloss coating allows you to use your best graphic images to produce the highest quality printed sheet possible. Using the proper Printer Settings will help ensure your boxes and envelopes are printed with the best quality possible for a visually striking outcome.

So you finished adding all your artwork and text and you´re ready to print. You clicked on File --> Print and a new print box pops open. But what now? Don´t just click the "OK" button and let it rip. No, take a few seconds and choose the best possible settings for this project.

The first thing you will need to check is that the printer you will be using is the one selected in the Printer Name box, which is notes as 1. on the image to your left. If the correct printer is not shown, use the dropdown box and select the printer you will be using.

Next, look at the Scale to Paper Size box as shown by circle #2. Here is where we you will want to make sure that it is set to "No Scaling". The templates we provide for each of our products are exactly to scale and no re-sizing is required.

Now look at the 3rd circle. Here is where you need to click on the "Properties" button.

A new box will pop open above the current box. This box is where you will want to select to tell the printer what type of coated paper you are using. Look at circle #4. Make sure the Document Size is set for the paper you will be using. DIY Printable Box products come on either 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 inch stock, so choose the appropriate size here.

Circle #5 is where you will change the Paper Type. Options available here can change depending on the printer you are using but you will want to pick something like Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy. Remember this, because if the print quality isn´t like you expected, you can always return here and select another setting. But keep in mind, the printer cannot print better than the quality of the image. Most images on the web are 72 dpi so if you take an image from the web, it will only print out at 72 dpi which may not look as good printed on paper as it does on a monitor. For best quality, images should be 300 dpi.

Now for the final step, Click on the "More Options" tab found at the top of this same box. Once click on, look for the "Reduce/Enlarge Document" checkbox as shown below in circle #6. As stated earlier, DIY´s templates are "to scale" so no resizing is necessary. Make sure this box is unchecked. Now you can click on the "OK" button at the bottom which will make that box disappear leaving only the orginal box left. Click "Ok" on this one and the printing will begin.


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