DIY Printable Boxes
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Seed Envelopes

Never for get what type a seed you have or when you stored it again! Use DIY's printable seed envelopes to save and store you seeds. Our envelopes are perfect for printing whatever information and pictures you to print on them that will help you quickly determine what seeds they are, how old they are and when you should plant them. It's your envelope so you can print anything you want on them. And with our easy to use template and free graphics software, you'll have professional looking envelopes in no time. It's as easy as Print, Punch and Fold!

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Use our free template to design your own seed packets.
Use our free seed envelope template to add your text and images.

Print your design using your own inkjet printer
8.5 x 11 inch blank sheets of photo quality cardstock that is pre cut with a seed envelope diagram.

Punch out the seed envelope is easy and requires
no cutting or guess work on your part.After printing your image and information, just punch out the seed packet.

Just fold on the pre scored lines and drop your seeds in.Start to fold on our pre scored lines and add your seeds.

Finish the folding and secure with our free sealing tabs. Turn the seed envelope over and you're done.Finish the fold and use one of our sealing labels (included for free) to seal the seed envelope.

Custom design and print only what you need, when you need it! Store all your seeds in style with DIY's Printable Seed Envelopes.

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